Remington’s Ni Mate Rig is an updated rig developed to transfer the coordinate data provided by Delicode’s Ni Mate into a usable armature. It includes three layers: the coordinate data (1), the capture armature (2), and an example retargeted armature (3).


  1. Install the most up to date version of the Kinect SDK.
  2. Install Delicode’s Ni Mate.
  3. Install and enable the Ni Mate Blender add-on.
  4. Download Remington’s Ni-Mate Rig.
  5. Extract the .blend file from the .zip file and place it in a memorable location.
  6. Open the file and start working!

Update Log:

  • This resources has not been updated.


Remington’s Ni Mate Rig is free for both commercial and personal use. No credit is necessary, though it is appreciated. Please do not redistribute without permission.

Delicode’s Ni Mate and Kinect are not affiliated with Remington Graphics. Please consult the respective developer for inquiries regarding their software.