Simplicity is key. It's easy to get carried away working on overly detailed scenes in Blender, so I challenge you to create an appealing image or animation in Blender using nothing but a sphere!


Prizes are still in the works. It won’t be anything huge, so don’t get your hopes up too high. Prizes will be awarded for the following: Most Likes (Twitter), Most Likes (Instagram), Grant’s Favorite, and Pushing the Limits of Simplicity.

Most Likes (Twitter  and Instagram) will receive: “Pixel Math” [ebook] by BlenderNPR, “Enrich” [add-on] by Blenderskool, and a Remington Graphics sticker.

Grant’s Favorite, and Pushing the Limits will receive: “Pixel Math” [ebook] by BlenderNPR, and a Remington Graphics sticker.

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- The only geometry in your scene should be a single sphere of any sort or polycount (ex: UV, Icosphere, Roundcube).

- Additional geometry should not be used at all, even if it does not appear in the final render (ex: smoke sim domain).

- Avoid modifiers that generate additional bodies of geometry (ex: array modifier). You may use any modifier that modifies the existing geometry.

- No sculpting or modelling is allowed.

- Most of the work should be done in Blender. However, if you do some subtle edits with another software or use a texture painting software, it's not the end of the world -- just don't do anything too drastic.

- Particle systems are allowed, however the sphere should be the main focus. You may iterate the sphere using the particle system, but you may not iterate any other objects.


To submit your creation, post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #RGSimplicity before Saturday, September 2nd, 2017.

If you do not use Twitter or Instagram, you can email it to me at grant@remingtongraphics.net -- Please use the subject "Simplicity Challenge - {YOUR NAME}" so I know what it is!

*All submissions will be posted on my website under the "Entries" tab of the challenge page with your Twitter/Instagram handle on it. In the case that you do not want your creation posted, please email me and I will remove it. Thank you!

Most Likes (Instagram): @gleb_alexandrov

Gleb did a fantastic job creating a detailed yet simple render for #RGSimplicity. I personally loved the detail he managed to pack into the stone, and he didn't even use modifiers -- it was all done via shader magic. I had to request the .blend file from him because I wanted to make it into a wallpaper for my phone.

Gleb racked up more than 450 likes on Instagram during the challenge period. He also managed to get 127 likes on Twitter, almost taking both titles!

Gleb receives "Pixel Math" [ebook] by BlenderNPR, "Encrich" [add-on] by BlenderSkool, and a Remington Graphics Sticker.

Most Likes (Twitter): @JimMorren

Jim's entry confused, surprised, and scared me. I certainly wasn't expecting a skull to pop out of the sphere all of a sudden. He actually used shape keys to get this result, which is a possibility I hadn't even considered. Although it's complicated and impressive behind the scenes, my favorite part about this render is that the end result still appears simple and focuses on the sphere.

Jim managed to get 133 likes in the challenge period -- although he was a little disappointed that a fun sidetask became more popular than some of the projects that he had spent days working on.

Jim receives "Pixel Math" [ebook] by BlenderNPR, "Encrich" [add-on] by BlenderSkool, and a Remington Graphics Sticker.

Pushing the Limits: @the_mantissa

When I made this category, I was really hoping someone could make a render that is both immensely complicated and also simple, simultaneously. Midge (@the_mantissa) did exactly that. The ridiculously detailed geometry, textures, colors, and materials of this scene look absolutely amazing, yet he managed to keep everything simple by making a cube. Great job Midge!

Midge actually made four different entries and live streamed the entire process. I'd strongly recommend you go check it out on his YouTube channel: Midge Sinnaeve.

Midge receives "Pixel Math" [ebook] by BlenderNPR and a Remington Graphics Sticker.

Grant's Favorite: @bruffin776

Choosing a favorite was extremely hard for this challenge. There were many entries that blew my mind, but I had to select just one of them. I decided that Brandon's (@bruffin776) was better than the rest. I really fell in love with the spacey look that this render held. The starry background, refracted planet, and moon shaped refraction make this render glorious. Not to mention it is so very simple. Just a sphere, no warping, displacement, or modification. So many other entries failed to do this, yet Brandon pulled it off perfectly.

Great job Brandon, I hope to see more awesome renders out of you in the future!

Brandon receives "Pixel Math" [ebook] by BlenderNPR, and a Remington Graphics Sticker.

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