Atom Bomb: Data Management

Stop Letting Unused Data Linger in your Project

Atom Bomb is a set of data removal tools that allows you to get rid of unwanted and unused data in your Blender file. With Atom Bomb, you won't have worry about that aggravating material that refuses to delete itself. Instead, you can let your creativity roam free in your freshly cleaned project.

Clean your Project for Renderfarms

Renderfarms tend to prefer small project files over large ones. Use Atom Bomb to remove extra data from your file before shipping it off!

Get Rid of Un-deletable Data

Blender has long been plagued with materials, node groups, and images that simply will not remove themselves no matter how many times you restart Blender. Atom Bomb gives you the ability to force delete this data one by one without having to restart Blender ten thousand times.

Key Features:

  • NUKE: Need a fresh start on your project? Not using any of your materials? The nuke feature will immediately delete all data from any specified data category in your project. It takes one click, and all unwanted data will be gone for good, unless you click CTRL + Z, of course.
  • CLEAN: Getting ready to send your masterpiece off to a renderfarm? Or maybe you’re sharing it with your buddy, the Blender genius. Either way, the clean feature removes unused data from your Blender file in the blink of an eye. The careful algorithm will obliterate data with zero users, but will make sure to leave the important stuff untouched and fully functional!
  • DELETE: Is there just one node group that won’t leave your Blender file? The delete feature will remove any single piece of data you don’t want hanging around in your file, regardless of users or locks placed on it.
  • SECURITY: Atom Bomb comes with a set of features to make sure that the only thing getting deleted is what you say it is.

Data Categories:

Atom Bomb allows you to modify a plethora of data within Blender!

  • Groups
  • Images
  • Materials
  • Node Groups
  • Objects
  • Textures
  • Worlds