Remington's PBR Shader


Remington’s PBR Shader is a free PBR shader for Cycles. It allows anyone to create stunning physically based materials in seconds. Additional features like it’s displacement strength slider and beautiful glass shader make Remington’s PBR Shader stand out from the crowd. Best of all, it’s available for free!


There are tons of useful features in Remington’s PBR Shader that are often neglected or completely forgotten in other PBR shaders.

  1. PBR Support: color, displacement, metallic, normal, reflective, and roughness maps.
  2. Glass Shader: The glass shader included with Remington’s PBR Shader provides stunning results. There is no doubt it will make you question why you’ve been using the traditional glass shader for so long.
  3. Clearcoats: Clearcoat shader outputs give more creative freedom to the artist and allow them to break away from a purely PBR workflow.
  4. Displacement Strength Slider: The ability to modify the strength of a displacement map makes microdisplacement workflows a breeze.
  5. AO Strength Slider: Adjust the strength of the AO to your liking. It’s as simple as that!


Remington’s PBR Shader is licensed under CC0. This means that you can use it whenever, wherever, and however you’d like with no payment, royalties, or credit necessary! Though it is very much appreciated if you mention Remington’s PBR Shader in your projects!